Staple SystemsJAWS™ Nitinol Staple System

JAWS™ Nitinol Staple System

Available in 8, 10, 15, 18, 20, and 25 mm Sizes
8 and 10 mm Sizes Straight and Angled
Novel Deployment Mechanism to Ensure Low Profile Placement
Made from Superelastic Nitinol Allowing for Rigid Sustained Compression Across Osteotomy Site

Paragon 28® designed the JAWS™ Nitinol Staple System for use in an osteotomy, arthrodesis and fragment fixation of bones and joints of the foot including fixation of small bone fragments.

The JAWS™ Nitinol Staple System uses superelastic nitinol and a simple insertion method to gain rigid compression across an osteotomy site. Unlike many competitive implants, the JAWS™ Nitinol Staple System has a lightweight titanium inserter that allows the surgeon to fully seat the staple before it is released from the inserter. This allows for final placement of the staple before the staple compresses the osteotomy site.

Compression is achieved upon insertion; no heating or electrical activation is required.

A low profile bridge helps minimize soft tissue irritation while the sharp-tooth geometry increases pull out resistance and helps resist migration during healing. Paragon 28® optimized the shape, angulation, and size of the staple legs to distribute compression evenly along the length of the legs. This helps to eliminate plantar gapping and ensures consistent force across the osteotomy site.

All instrumentation for the JAWS™ Nitinol Staple System comes in a self-contained, disposable, sterile kit. The JAWS™ Nitinol Staple comes pre-loaded on the inserter to help facilitate a quick and simple surgery. An auxiliary instrument set is also available which includes trial sizers, instrumentation used to decorticate the osteotomy and the JAWS™ Compressor. The JAWS™ Compressor is available to assist the surgeon in gaining pre-compression in midfoot to hindfoot fusions.

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