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Our mission is to continuously improve the outcomes and experiences of patients with foot and ankle conditions.

Our History

In 2010, Paragon 28® was established as an orthopedic foot and ankle company. The name “Paragon 28” was chosen to show that we are exclusively a foot and ankle company, with the “28” representing the number of bones in the foot. We will remain true to that vision. Paragon 28® was started as a small, family-based company and we have kept those core ideals as we have grown.

Our first product was the Monster® Screw System, followed by the Gorilla® Plating System. As we continue to add more products, we maintain a fine level of detail to every feature of every product we design. The goal is to give options to the foot and ankle surgeon, knowing there is more than one way to achieve a great result. We have listened to surgeons and will continue to do so in order to understand and address their specific needs.

Our MissionTo strategically build a company around the core principles that drive innovation and quality. Relentlessly working to advance the science behind foot and ankle surgery, Paragon 28® is passionate about and committed to:



Blending different surgical philosophies from various global thought leaders to develop biomechanically and clinically relevant surgical solutions.



A customer service based, dedicated, and highly trained distribution network to the foot and ankle market.



Meeting the needs of increasing pricing pressures and reimbursement while continuing to develop cutting-edge surgical implants.



Creating complete surgeon-centric systems, specialty instruments, and next generation implants to solve real world issues faced by foot and ankle surgeons.



Improving clinical outcomes through meaningful and unbiased research. We are ready to embrace research data regardless of marketing impact.

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Innovation. Forward Thinking.

From the onset, Paragon 28® has made it our goal to re-invent the space of foot and ankle surgery. It is not enough for us to develop products. The key is to think about how every foot and ankle problem is addressed and ask questions. Why is the procedure done that way? How can we streamline the procedure and make it more easily reproduced? How can we lower surgeon anxiety when dealing with specific, complex procedures? Where can techniques and solutions available for less researched procedures be improved? We emphasize the philosophy of innovation through design and carry that through for the entire procedure. To us, it’s more than just a locking screw or a surgical plate; it’s an entire system that makes foot and ankle surgery go more smoothly.

Driven. Game Changers.

Paragon 28® continually makes efforts toward broad market distribution and extensive product knowledge. Superior product knowledge is beneficial to all parties, and is something for which we strive. We recruit, train and hire a sales and distribution network of the most highly educated, knowledgeable and respected sales representatives in the foot and ankle market. The sales representatives’ education is extensive and on-going, with opportunities for sales representatives to continually grow and learn to become an excellent source of product support for the foot and ankle surgeon in the operating room.

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The name “Paragon 28” was chosen by design — to never lose focus on our goal to advance the science of foot and ankle surgery.

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