Gorilla® Medial Column Plating System Launches

September 21, 2016by Hannah McKeon
Gorilla® Medial Column Plating System

Paragon 28 is pleased to announce the launch of the Gorilla® Medial Column Plating System!

The Gorilla® Medial Column Plating System includes plates and screws for use in stabilization and fixation of fractures or osteotomies; intra and extra articular fractures, joint depression, and multi-fragmentary fractures; revision procedures, joint fusion and reconstruction of small bones of the toes, feet and ankles including the distal tibia, talus, and calcaneus.

The Gorilla® Medial Column Plating System includes four plate families and thirty total plates of two thicknesses to address various deformities and anatomies of the medial column.

gorilla media column charcot

Product Features

  • Pre-contoured to fit the anatomy of the medial column
  • Plate lengths designed to match the anatomy following removal of cartilage and osteophytes from the joint
  • 5 mm and 2.0 mm plate thickness options
  • All holes accept 2.7 mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.2 mm locking and non-locking polyaxial screws
  • Ti 6Al-4V for improved strength
  • Superior holes on the Arch and Proximal Arch plates
    • Tabbed allowing the surgeon to bend the hole to better contour to the talus
  • Compression slot on all plates
    • Designed to insure inline compression along the axis of fixation
  • Fixed axis screw trajectories
    • Intended to capture the highest quality bone on either side of each fusion site without intersecting
  • Joint preparation instrumentation included in the system
    • Pin Distractor
    • Caspar Device
    • Subchondral Drill
    • Honey Badger Cartilage Removal Tool

Common Procedures using Gorilla® Medial Column Plating System:

  • Medial Column Arthrodesis
  • Talonavicular Arthrodesis
  • Navicularcuneiform Arthrodesis
  • Triple Arthrodesis

For more information, please visit: Medial Column Arch Plates and Medial Column Rescue Plates

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