Paratrooper™ Plantar Plate System Receives 510(k) Clearance – 1st Dedicated System Allowing Surgeons to Repair the Plantar Plate Through Either a Dorsal or Plantar Approach

February 7, 2020by Shannon Rose
Paratrooper Plantar Plate Repair System

The Paratrooper™ Plantar Plate Repair System was developed to allow surgeons to use a dorsal or plantar approach to the plantar plate repair procedure using a single, all-inclusive kit. The Paratrooper™ Plantar Plate Repair System uses an all-suture anchor implant that can be fixed into bone or soft tissue. By using an all-suture implant, the surgeon can perform the plantar plate repair using a variety of fixation and approach techniques, while preserving surrounding bone and tissue. When the Paratrooper™ suture implant is inserted and tensioned, the implanted suture “sock” will contract and form into a low profile, flat anchor that will prevent the implant from pulling out of the site. Find the Press Release Here!

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