Paragon 28® Phantom® ActivCore Nail System Receives 510(k) Clearance – Continuous Compression Hindfoot Nail System

February 8, 2020by Shannon Rose
Phantom® Hindfoot TTC/TC System

The Phantom® ActivCore Nail addresses TTC arthrodesis and is the second of three hindfoot fusion nailing systems Paragon 28® plans to launch in 2020.  The ActivCore Nail was designed to include an outer spring sheath and inner sliding core which allows for consistent active compression and up to 8 mm of bone resorption across all joint spaces. The Nail accommodates two 7.2 mm calcaneal pegs that are inserted from posterior to anterior at a variable (0-18°) angle. These pegs provide fixation distally and work with the inner core feature and tibial pegs to allow for active compression to pass through all joint surfaces. Find the Press Release Here!

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