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Demineralized Bone Matrix


Demineralized Bone Matrix


Demineralized Bone Matrix

BEAST™ PLUS is premixed with cortical chips to create BEAST™ PLUS eliminating the need for cumbersome intraoperative mixing. Utilizing demineralized instead of mineralized cortical chips ensures that the additional graft material does not diminish osteoinductivity.

  • Differentiated Texture: BEAST™ PLUS Injectible combined with demineralized cancellous chips (1-4 mm)
    • – Eliminates the need for interoperative mixing while maintaining the osteoinductive potential of the graft
  • Proven efficacy – equivalent to iliac crest autograft proven in a preclinical spinal fusion model2
  • Osteoinductive – assured osteoinductivity via validated processing
  • Cohesive handling – resists irrigation due to robust biocompatible carrier
  • Sterility assurance level (SAL) 10-6 – terminal sterilization ensures the highest level of patient safety
  • Both injectable and moldable – flexibility in delivery to the surgical site
  • Pre-Loaded in syringe – no mixing necessary
  • Radiolucent – graft material allows for a more accurate assessment of new bone formation
  • 3 years shelf life, room-temperature storage – convenient and ready to use

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