Patent Listing

Product (U.S. Patent)

Lapidus Angular Length Restoring Graft (D720,456) (9,452,057) (10,159,499)

MTP Length Restoring Graft (D740,424) (9,848,893)

Calc-Cuboid Arthrodesis Lengthening Graft (D720,457)

Evans Lateral Column Lengthening Graft (D691,272)

Lapidus Cut Guide (D695,402)

Clover Plate – Lisfranc (D766,438) (D780,925)

Single Ray Plate – Lisfranc (D766,439) (D780,926)

Dual Ray Plate – Lisfranc (D766,437) (D780,924)

Lapidus Plate (D765,844) (D780,922)

Lapidus Step-Off Plate (D766,434) (D780,923) (9,980,760)

BOW Plate (D780,313) (9,949,773)

Slotted Force Washer (D797,937) (10,456,182)

Intramedullary Nail Fixation Guide (9,907,562)

Fluoroband K-wire (9,848,929) (9,962,209)

Precision Guide MTP (9,936,995)

Navicular Bone Plate (D812,757) (D812,756)

Navicular – Cuneiform Bone Plate (D822,832)

Titan Evans Metal Wedge (D814,037) (D832,441)

Cotton Bone Wedge (D813,394)

Straddle Bone Plate (D812,755)

Titan Cotton Metal Wedge (D814,634) (D841,168)

Calc Slide Bone Plate (D819,209)

Titan Metal Wedge Removal Guides (D827,820)

MTP Cup and Cone/Spin Guard Reamers (10,064,631) (10,159,499)

Nitinol Staple and Inserter (10,105,134)

Hook Plate – Jones (D841,166) (D847,343)

Hook Plate – Avulsion (D855, 806)

TenoTac (10,307,245)

Precision Guide MTP (10,327,829)

HammerGraft Implant (D858, 770)

Welpi Retractor (D859,653)

MIS Lapidus Burr Guide (D865,173)

HammerTube Implant (D868,254)

Subtalar Distraction Arthrodesis Graft (Patent Pending)

Precision Guide Lapidus (Patent Pending)

HammerTube Inserter (Patent Pending)

Straight Staple Holder (Patent Pending)

Angled Staple Holder (Patent Pending)

Lapidus Nipper Bone Removal Instrument (Patent Pending)

Ankle Syndesmosis Implant (Patent Pending)

Medial Column Straddle Plate Precision Guide (Patent Pending)

NC Fusion Plate Precision Guide (Patent Pending)

Lapidus Nail (Patent Pending)

Lapidus Nail Polyaxial Targeting Guide (Patent Pending)

Lateral Column Fusion Plate (Patent Pending)

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