First Cases and Limited Market Release of the Bun-Yo-Matic™

January 17, 2024by Jim Edson

Paragon 28 Announces First Cases and Limited Market Release of the Bun-Yo-Matic™ – A Next Generation Clamp and Cut Guide System for Lapidus Bunion Procedures

Paragon 28, Inc. (NYSE: FNA), is excited to announce the limited market release of its Bun-Yo-Matic™ Lapidus Clamp System and completion of the first surgical cases in Orange County, California and Seattle, Washington. The Bun-Yo-Matic™ is the only bunion solution on the market designed to intraoperatively simulate weight-bearing and allow for compression prior to hardware application. This unique approach provides surgeons a more reproducible and efficient means to restore three-dimensional alignment of the foot while accommodating each surgeon’s preferred fixation methodology in a Lapidus procedure.

The Bun-Yo-Matic™ Clamp remains fixed to the anatomy throughout the entire procedure, ensuring surgeon-guided correction and anatomic alignment are maintained through application of fixation. The System is also equipped with cutting guides designed to minimize bone removal from the base of Tarsometatarsal (“TMT”) joint when preparing for fusion.

The Bun-Yo-Matic™ Clamp and accompanying cut guide system are highly complementary to Paragon 28’s broad line of bunion and forefoot solutions. The Clamp is a reusable surgical instrument which will be used in conjunction with several of Paragon 28’s existing implants and implant systems designed to treat bunions, including:

  • Gorilla® Precision™ Lapidus Plate
  • Phantom® Small Bone Intramedullary Nail
  • Phantom® MIS Lapidus System allowing medial access
  • MIS Burr Guide used in preparing the 1st TMT joint
Figure 1: Paragon 28 Bun-Yo-Matic™ Lapidus Clamp System

Paragon 28’s CEO, Albert DaCosta, commented, “The first clinical cases with the Bun-Yo-Matic™ Clamp System went great, and we expect this product to drive significant growth for Paragon 28. We believe this clamp is a game changer in the bunion market and will result in more reproducibility, streamlined procedural work flow, improved accuracy, and ultimately improved patient outcomes in technically demanding Lapidus arthrodesis cases. With the capability to hold correction across all three planes throughout the entire procedure, the system is unique and brings great value to our surgeons and patients.”

The Bun-Yo-matic™ Lapidus Clamp System bolsters Paragon 28’s bunion and forefoot solutions offering which includes the Gorilla® Precision™ Lapidus Plate, Phantom® Small Bone Intramedullary Nail, Phantom® MIS System, Gorilla® Precision MTP Plate, Phantom® Metatarsal Shortening System, TenoTac™, Paratrooper™, and HammerTube™. With this comprehensive portfolio, Paragon 28® provides its customers with a single source to address their bunion and forefoot needs.

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