Launch of Grappler® Knotless Anchor System and Bridgeline™ Tape

January 5, 2024by Jim Edson

Launch of Grappler® Knotless Anchor System and Innovative Bridgeline™ Tape

ENGLEWOOD, Co.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Paragon 28, Inc. (NYSE: FNA), is thrilled to announce the launch of the Grappler® Knotless Anchor System and Bridgeline™ Tape, enhancing the Company’s position in the fast-growing foot and ankle specific soft tissue market in 2024 and beyond. Both the Grappler® Knotless Anchor System and Bridgeline™ Tape are highly complementary to a broad range of Paragon 28’s existing hardware products with several applications spanning multiple foot and ankle indications.

The Grappler® Suture Anchor System is a sterile packed kit that includes all instrumentation needed to complete each case in multiple configurations designed to reduce waste and interoperative complexity.

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Surgeon designer, Mark Prissel, DPM commented, “The Grappler® Suture Anchor System is a comprehensive soft tissue anchoring product line that includes implants designed by and for foot and ankle surgeons for acute and chronic repairs. The implant sizes, suture lengths, and instrument ergonomics are all ideally equipped for efficient utilization in common tendon and ligament procedures, while complementing the broader Paragon 28 product portfolio seamlessly.”

The Bridgeline™ Tape is a huge leap forward in soft tissue stabilization. The tape features a novel semi-resorbable material with the ability to transition from rigid at the early stages of healing to a more natural physiological state. This product’s ability to transition over time is truly unique and is believed to foster better healing characteristics and expected to result in improved patient outcomes.

“We continue to believe soft tissue will play an increasingly important role in improving foot and ankle patient outcomes, and we could not be more excited to bring two new solutions to market to start the year. Many of the procedures we aim to treat at Paragon 28 involve some element of soft tissue compromise and we expect both of these products to be complementary to a large portion of our portfolio,” commented Albert DaCosta, Paragon 28’s CEO. “I am especially proud of what we accomplished with the Bridgeline™ Tape. With that product, we set out with a desire to create an optimal environment for healing with less scarring and we believe this unique solution accomplishes that goal and, importantly, will result in optimal treatment for each patient.”

The Grappler® Knotless Anchor System and Bridgeline™ Tape bolsters Paragon 28’s soft tissue offering which includes the Paratrooper™ Plantar Plate System, TenoTac™ 2.0 Soft Tissue Fixation System, Grappler® Interference Screw System, and Grappler Soft Tissue Anchor System. With this comprehensive portfolio, Paragon 28® provides its customers with a single source to address their foot and ankle soft tissue needs.

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