Lapidus Nipper Launches

May 1, 2016by Laura Brinker
Lapidus Nipper

Paragon 28® is excited to announce the launch of the Lapidus Nipper (PN: P99-150-0019).  The Lapidus Nipper (patent pending) is specifically designed to aid in the removal of the two bony fragments created when the surgeon makes cuts on either side of the first TMT joint during a Lapidus procedure.  The Lapidus Nipper can be accessed from the instrument base of the Gorilla® Plating System tray.

The Lapidus Nipper’s osteotome top jaw is intended to slip into the cut and will allow the surgeon to manipulate the fragment dorsal to plantar.  The lower jaw has a sharp tooth which fits into the joint space and is intended to release soft tissue attachments from the plantar surface of the fragment without disturbing surrounding soft tissues.  The Lapidus Nipper is intended to allow the surgeon to pull out each fragment in one motion.

Key System Features:

  • Chisel or osteotome like top jaw which is intended to slide into cut and allow surgeon to complete osteotomy (if cut is not complete through plantar portion of fragment) minimizing soft tissue disruption. This design feature also allows the surgeon to manipulate the fragment as needed.
  • Sharp tooth on lower jaw which is intended to release any soft tissue attachments from plantar surface of the fragment without disturbing surrounding soft tissues
  • Overlapping top and bottom jaw that nest together to create “pinching” effect to cut bone fragment
  • Small teeth along inside of bottom jaw to grip and retain bone fragment
  • Thin jaws to fit into tight joint space
  • Long narrow jaws shaped to fit the Lapidus Joint (10mm x ~ 30mm) which are designed to grasp around the entire fragment from dorsal to plantar

To learn more about our Lapidus products, please visit Lapidus Arthrodesis System

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