ACFAS 2016: Paragon 28® Representation

February 15, 2016by cmiller
AVGAS 2016

Paragon 28® was well represented at American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) Meeting on February 11th-14th. Management, sales representatives and engineers from Paragon 28 were on-hand to demonstrate and exhibit our multiple product lines to the thousands of foot and ankle surgeons in attendance.

A Paragon 28 hosted event took place on Friday, February 12th, which included a lecture on V92 Cellular Bone Matrix given by Dr. Mark Myerson, MD. Dr. Myerson discussed indications for this product including fractures with bone voids, revision surgery of the foot and ankle, or for patients with decreased healing potential due to systemic disease or other medical co-morbidities. Dr. Thomas Chang, DPM followed with a presentation discussing the science behind the PRESERVE™ line of allograft bone wedges, outlining the reasons behind aseptic processing of this bone. Dr. Chang presented many examples of use of the PRESERVE Bone Wedge System in clinical practice and emphasized time saved in the operating room by using this system. Dr. Myerson finished up the presentations with a discussion on using the Precision™ Guide system when performing an MTP Arthrodesis or Lapidus Arthrodesis. Over 140 foot and ankle surgeons were in attendance for the event.

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