V92™ Cellular Bone Matrix Launches

January 11, 2016by Laura Brinker
V92™ Cellular Bone Matrix

Paragon 28® is pleased to announce the launch of the V92 Cellular Bone Matrix.  V92 is a viable allogeneic bone scaffold derived from bone marrow, in full compliance with FDA guidelines regarding human cells, tissues and cellular tissue-based products, and is intended for homologous use as a bone void filler.

Key Features

  • Two unique scaffold blends for optimal handling characteristics: V92™ and V92™-FC
  • Proprietary, optimized bone microparticulate size range of 100-300 μm.2
  • Novel DMSO-free cryoprotectant, with no rinsing and decanting steps required prior to use.
  • Average cell viability of the cell component exceeds 80% post-thaw.3
  • Minimum of 150,000 viable cells per cc of allograft post-thaw.3
  • Convenient handling and preparation in the OR, with total preparation time on the back table less than 20 minutes.
  • Four (4) hour working window for implantation after thaw without loss of cell viability.
  • Product shelf-life is two (2) years from date of processing when stored at -65°C or colder.
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  3. Data on file at Vivex Biomedical, Inc.

*Data on File – UMTB Biomedical


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