Paragon 28 Launches Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System

January 16, 2017by Hannah McKeon
Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System

Paragon 28 is pleased to announce the highly-anticipated launch of the Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating system!

The Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating system contains plates, screws and instrumentation designed specifically for use within the foot and ankle. The system incorporates the modularity, optionality and specificity admired in the classic Gorilla® Plating system while offering a comprehensive set of implants for procedures that require narrower plates and smaller screws to match the anatomy and size of the small bones within the foot.

The system carries an impressive array of universal utility plates as well as many fracture and procedure specific options including the following:

  • Straight Plates
  • L-Plates
  • Oblique L-Plates
  • T-Plates
  • Oblique T-Plates
  • Y-Plates
  • Double-Y-Plates
  • Navicular Plates
  • Cuboid Plates
  • Mesh Plate
  • Jones Fracture Compression and Hook Plates
  • 5th Metatarsal Avulsion Fracture Hook Plates
  • Akin Osteotomy Plates

baby gorilla t plates

Product Features:

  • Universal Plates: L- Plates, T-Plates, Y-Plates, Straight Plates, Mesh Plate
  • Fracture Specific Plates: Cuboid, Navicular, Jones, 5th Metatarsal
  • Procedure Specific Plates: Akin Osteotomy
  • Many universal plates offer a configuration with all locking screw holes as well as a configuration containing a compression slot if additional in-line compression is desired
  • All plates can accept both 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm locking and non-locking poly axial plate screws with locking capabilities up to 15° off axis in any direction
  • The Baby Gorilla locking screws have the ability to help lag the plate down to the bone

Common Procedures using the Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System:

  • Metatarsal Fractures
  • Crush Injuries
  • Lisfranc fracture/dislocation
  • 1st Metatarsal osteotomy
  • Cuboid/Navicular Fractures
  • Metatarsal deformity correction
  • 5th Metatarsal (Jones) fracture
  • Medial/Lateral column arthrodesis

For more information, please visit: Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System

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