Syndesmosis Soft TissueGrappler™ Interference Screw System

Grappler™ Interference Screw System

Novel Trilobe Driver Engagement
One to One Sizing
Instrumentation to Facilitate Through and Through and Blind Tunnel Techniques
Implant Specific Cannulated Drills and Tissue Protectors
Available in 4.0 - 8.0 mm Sizes
Grappler Interference Screw System

The Paragon 28® Grappler® Interference Screw System was developed to provide surgeons an alternative fixation option for intraoperative tissue reattachment and fixation in the foot and ankle.

The system includes seven diameters of implants with varying lengths to accommodate differing patient anatomies. Available diameters of Ø4.0 mm – Ø8.0 mm and lengths from 10 mm – 25 mm. The implant is comprised of biocompatible PEEK material with inert properties and elasticity very similar to bone. The implant thread form is also optimized to minimize implant migration and loss of tension.

Instrumentation included in the system was designed to streamline the procedure and minimize complications associated with tensioning and passing of suture, and allows for a through and through or blind tunnel approach. Implant specific cannulated drills and tissue protectors are provided to help reduce imprecision when drilling, allowing for intended fit of implant and tendon. The tendon size, drill and implant diameters are one to one–there are no necessary calculations to be completed. A novel trilobe driver engagement extends through the cannulation of the implant to facilitate accurate implant insertion and help maximize torque transfer between driver and implant.

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