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TenoTac™ Soft Tissue Fixation System

Paragon 28® launched the TenoTac® Soft Tissue Fixation System in January 2019, providing surgeons the first and only dedicated system to address tendon transfers of the forefoot to correct contracted toes and repair plantar plate. In contrast to traditional methods for flexor tendon transfers, TenoTac® facilitates correction without releasing tissue attachments distally by balancing plantar...

Phantom® Hindfoot TTC/TC System

Since its inception, Paragon 28® has obsessed over every aspect of foot and ankle surgery. Committed to creating tailored solutions to improve surgical outcomes, Paragon 28® has launched innovative products and instrumentation that help streamline procedures, allow surgeons flexibility in technique and approach, and facilitate reproducible results benefitting both the surgeon and patient. Find the...

Phantom® Hindfoot TTC/TC System

The Phantom® ActivCore Nail addresses TTC arthrodesis and is the second of three hindfoot fusion nailing systems Paragon 28® plans to launch in 2020.  The ActivCore Nail was designed to include an outer spring sheath and inner sliding core which allows for consistent active compression and up to 8 mm of bone resorption across all joint...

Paratrooper Plantar Plate Repair System

The Paratrooper™ Plantar Plate Repair System was developed to allow surgeons to use a dorsal or plantar approach to the plantar plate repair procedure using a single, all-inclusive kit. The Paratrooper™ Plantar Plate Repair System uses an all-suture anchor implant that can be fixed into bone or soft tissue. By using an all-suture implant, the...

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